The Arkady Fomin Scholarship Fund (AFSF) was created in 2015 to celebrate and perpetuate the legacy and spirit of Arkady Fomin – renowned violinist, beloved teacher, conductor, and longtime member of Dallas Symphony. Mr. Fomin passed away in 2014 leaving behind a formidable legacy of students and colleagues from around the world who recognized his special gift for guiding those who approached him towards finding their right way in life and music. His inspiration touched the lives of hundreds of artists including many of today’s top performers.

The AFSF will award educational scholarships to talented college and pre-college musicians from around the world, mentoring their artistic development, and supporting them in the most formative years of their lives – just as Arkady did during his tenures as Artistic Director of the New Conservatory of Dallas and also the Conservatory Music in the Mountains Festival in Durango, Colorado, which he founded.

The award is made through a non-competitive process and applications are not accepted. Candidates are vetted by an anonymous advisory committee which makes professional recommendations that closely align with the goals of the award. That said, interested students are encouraged to send audio, video or written material to inform the committee at any time of the year. Materials cannot be returned but will be acknowledged and taken into consideration.

“Arkady knew how to give all of himself to his students, selflessly and wholeheartedly, his belief in the importance of music was inspiring and absolutely contagious. It is up to us to carry the torch that he has lit – and we do it with great pride.” – Vadim Gluzman, violinist


Elizabeth (Lizzi) Volpert*

Marlene Ngalissamy*

Katherine Audas *

Julian Rhee *

Miriam Minkova

Lara Boschkor

Sophia Ayer

Daniil Bulayev

Alina Kobialka

Marta Aurelia Rando

Andrey Egorov

Kaeon Cho

Anastasia Farrakhova

Lalita Svete

Michael Shaham

Janice Carissa

Kevin Chan

Marlon Elliat Florez Dovales

Brian Lee

Darya Varlamova

Leonid Baranov

Jacqueline Audas

Leo Sinaiski

Joshua Brown

Maximilian Hörmeyer

Ruth Ten

Stephen Chang

Daniel Bae

Daniel Kaler

Elli Choi

Masha Lakisova

Mingyao Zhao

Hankyoung Linda Chang


The North Shore Music Alliance and AFSF would like to express deepest appreciation and gratitude to the individuals and organizations that generously provide the financial support to the Arkady Fomin Scholarship Fund

New Conservatory of Dallas
Accurate Private Care Inc.
Anonymous in memory of Dorothy DeLay
Phema Abraham
Robert Blumberg, Former Honorary Consul of Latvia
Emanuel Borok
Neil A. Breslau
John A. Carey
Mona S. Hersh – Cochrah
Beverly and Martin Coben
Ms. Mary Cook
Sara & Michael Coren
Oneida Cramer
Mark Audas & Idalyn Cyprus
Dr. & Mrs. Joel Cyprus
Janet Fomin
Sophie Fomin
James H. Foster
Katherine Freiberger
Liz Ganitopolous
Angela Yoffe & Vadim Gluzman
Michael & Ludmila Gluzman
Alan J. Gold
Gary & Beverly Golden
Ilene Greene
Burl Gregory
Derek Han
Wendy & Edward Harpham
Michie Hisada

Douglas & Rogene Howard
Greg J. Hustis
Elisabeth W Johnson
Betty Haag-Kuhnke & Horst Kuhnke
Lyudmila Lakisova
Stacey McTaggart
J.A. Ode & R. McBride Ode
Bryan Page
Elva Peyrot
Joseph & Minna Pirogovsky
Angela Rhee
Daniel Rich
Laila Robins
Deborah R. Fishman- Rusnak
Garry & Michael Savulkin in memory of Zanna Perelmuter
Mia Seo
Sabina A. Sewillo
Gil A. Stricklin
Rosie Stromberg
Jane & Robert Stroud
James Scharnell
Daniel Schwartz
Nancy Tauber
Kay Umwelling
Veronica Volpert in memory of Tamara Volpert
Fredrick & Katherine Weber
Sookyung Cho Yoon
Larisa Zhizhin
Bernie Ebstein in memory of Roslyn Ebstein

A tribute to Arkady Fomin, extraordinary teacher, violinist and conductor. His inspiration touched the lives of hundreds of artists including many of today’s top performers. Created in 2015 by the North Shore Chamber Music Festival, the Arkady Fomin Scholarship Fund celebrates and perpetuates his incredible legacy and spirit.
With gratitude to Quin Mathews, filmmaker.

AFSF presentation in Riga, Latvia

March 6, 2019: Documentary by Liberum Arbitrium directed by Zhan Zharoff